Why do men become irritated and unhappy after sex? Know About PCD

Sep 05 2018 10:10 PM
Why do men become irritated and unhappy after sex? Know About PCD

The common belief is that men have sex with women to realize extreme happiness. But unlike this belief, a recent research has said that after having sex some men have a bad feeling. According to a research published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy, men like women may also be suffering from postcentral disorder (PCD).

PCD is a disorder in which a feeling of sadness, anxiety, irritability and anger after sex arises. Researchers at the Queensland University of Technology, Australia, told that the identification of such complaint in women has already been done, but in men it happens, it was not previously known.

Researcher Joel Mczkowic said that this research was done through an online survey, in which 1208 men from Australia, America, UK, Russia, New Zealand, Germany and other countries were included. According to the findings, 40 per cent of the people admitted to the PCD which they realized their life. While 20 per cent did this in four weeks.

While, amidst the various myths prevailing among the young generation of the country, a major notion is that masturbation causes a reduction in sperm count in the males. Well, that is completely a false information. Rather, masturbation enhances your duration of intercourse and sexual activity.


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