Firefly shines in the night due to this reason, Know here

Feb 12 2020 05:06 PM
Firefly shines in the night due to this reason, Know here

You must have seen fireflies glowing around trees at night. It is rarely seen in cities, but in rural areas, its number is very high. Although firefly is rarely seen in villages too. Do you know why firefly glows at night and how it glows like an electric bulb? So let's tell you about it today.

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Its main purpose behind the glow of fireflies is to attract its partner i.e. female fireflies and find food for themselves. The glow of fireflies is of three colors - green, yellow and red. The female firefly lays eggs in the bark of trees in the forests. You will be surprised to know that eggs of fireflies also glow.

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If you do not know about fireflies, then you cannot identify whether that firefly is female or male. Female fireflies do not have wings, so they continue to glow at the same place. While male fireflies have two wings, so it shines by flying. Although a large number of fireflies are found in India as well, but light-shining fireflies are mostly found in the West Indies and South America.

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