Know why we celebrate Anant Chaturdashi
Know why we celebrate Anant Chaturdashi

The festival of Anant Chaturdashi is being celebrated today. On this festival, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu is worshipped, due to this, it is called Anant Chaturdashi. By the way, you must know that by observing this fast, a person gets many times more auspicious fruits, therefore, on this day people should observe fast. Anant Chaturdashi is 1 September 2020. Now today we are going to tell you why we celebrate Anant Chaturdashi.

The fast of Anant Chaturdashi was first observed by the Pandavas. There is a story about it which is as follows- 'When Duryoddhan went to meet the Pandavas, due to some power, Pandavas were deceived. Because of it, the land looked like water, and the water looked like land. Duryodhana took the land as water and put his clothes on it, but considering the water as land, he fell into the pool. Draupadi scoffed at this, to take revenge for the blind son, Duryodhana conspired with his maternal uncle Shakuni, and insulted Draupadi in a gathering filled with defeating Pandavas in gambling. One year of exile and one year for Agyatvas, fulfilling their promise, Pandavas started living in the forest. Then Yudhishthira asked Lord Krishna the solution to overcome this sorrow, upon which Krishna Ji told Yudhishthira that Lakshmi has become angry with you because of gambling, you keep Lord Vishnu should observe fast on Anant Chaturdashi. This will get your glory back. 

Anant Chaturdashi Vrat Katha- 'A long time ago there was an ascetic Brahmin named Sumant and wife's name was Diksha. He had a beautiful and pious girl named Susheela. When Sushila grew up, her mother Deeksha died. Then his father Sumant got married to a woman named Karkasha. When Sumant married his daughter with the sage Kaundinya, Karkasha gave the pieces of brick and stone in farewell. Sage Kaudinya felt this behaviour very bad, he took away his Susheela with a sad heart and took it with him, it was late at night.

Then Sushila saw that women are worshipping a deity by wearing beautiful clothes on the banks of the river at dusk. When Sushila asked him to do Jijashavash, he heard the importance of the fast, then Sushila also observed this fast and after worshipping, tied a fourteen-knot thread in her hand and came to the sage Kaundinya and told the whole thing. The sage broke the thread and threw it into the fire. This insulted Lord Anant. As a result, the sage Kaundinya remained unhappy. All their property was destroyed and they were impoverished. One day when he asked his wife the reason, Sushila said that he has burnt the dor of the Anant God.

After this, the sage Kaundinya felt remorse, he went to the forest to get the thread. After wandering in the forest for several days, he fell on the ground one day. Then Lord Anant appeared to him and said that you insulted me, due to which you had to suffer so much, but now you have repented, I am happy you go home and do the fast of Anant. By fasting for fourteen years all your troubles will be removed, and you will be prosperous again. The sage Kaundinya fasted lawfully and he got freedom from all sorrows.

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