Why is China digging a 10 kilometer deep pit inside the earth, what does the dragon want?

Beijing: China is currently digging an 11 kilometer deep pit inside the earth under a major mission. According to the report, this work is being done in a desert in the Tarim Basin in Xinjiang, China's northwestern region. Drilling has started here since Tuesday morning. It is being told that China is engaged in digging a pit deeper than the height of Everest. According to China's state media, he is looking for the Cretaceous surface under the earth. The Cretaceous is a geological period with a history of 145 million years ago. It will be the deepest man-made crater in China.

According to Chinese media, drilling has started on Tuesday (June 7) in a desert in the Tarim Basin in Xinjiang, China's northwestern region. With a depth of 11,100 metres, officials will find more than 10 continental strata beneath the earth. After which the Cretaceous system can be reached. The Chinese project is expected to be completed in 457 days. Chinese state media is calling this mission a milestone in Earth's exploration.

There are many important things about this Chinese project. First, the day China started this campaign, on the same day three astronauts from China were sent to the space station. Chinese media is describing this campaign as very important from the point of view of science and technology. In a statement, China National Petroleum Corporation, China's leading oil and gas producer, said it will help scientists study Earth's internal structure and evolution and provide data for geology research. Operators are working non-stop day and night. This work is being done in shifts.

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