Why is the number of students studying in madrassas decreasing under Yogi Govt?

Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh has been recording a steady decline in the number of students studying in madrasas in the last five years. The state's newly formed State Madarsa Education Council (Madrasa Board) is also deeply concerned about the decline. Because the number of students in state-recognized and aided madrasas is declining year after year.

According to reports, 30,000 students have been reduced in madrasas after the formation of the Yogi Adityanath government in the state. Madarsa Board members say they are not being given facilities. Therefore, they should be given honorariums and allowance. According to media reports, the Madarsa Education Board says that the figures of students registered in madrasas have declined in the last five years and about 30,000 students have registered less in the state during this period.

The Board says that the number of students registered in these madrasas was 422627 in the examination year 2016, which declined to 123046 in 2021. While the board is planning a new scheme to attract students to get an education in these madrasas. So that the student's attitude towards madarsas increases. For this, the Board is also working on a strategy to improve the quality of education in madrasas.

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