Why Is World Alzheimer's Day Celebrated? Know its purpose and history

n the last few years, Alzheimer's is emerging as a common disease. Alzheimer's is a brain disease, which weakens a person's brain and affects memory. Earlier, this disease is being seen mostly in the elderly, but due to stress and depression, now even young people are becoming a victim of it. One of the reasons for the rise of Alzheimer's is the biggest lack of awareness. To make people aware of this disease, 'World Alzheimer's Day' is celebrated every year on the 21st of September. On the day of 'Alzheimer's Day', people have also been made aware about the symptoms, causes and treatment of this disease. Know what is the history of 'World Alzheimer's Day', about this year's theme, importance, causes, and symptoms of this disease.

Why World Alzheimer's Day is Celebrated?: World Alzheimer's Day is celebrated every year on the 21st of September. Alzheimer's is a mental disease, which people do not take seriously. Most people believe that memory loss is common with age. This is the reason that most people are suffering from various personality disorders without treatment. Not only in India, people in other countries also ignore this disease. Alzheimer's Day is celebrated every year with the aim of changing this thinking of the people. Through which information related to the main symptoms, causes and treatment of Alzheimer's is being provided to people globally.

What is the history of World Alzheimer's Day: World Alzheimer's Day is celebrated globally every year since the year 2012. Let us tell you that Alzheimer's was first treated in 1901 in a German woman. German psychiatrist Dr. Alois Alzheimer did this and the disease was named after him. When Alzheimer's disease celebrated its 10th anniversary on 21st September 1994, this day was declared to be celebrated every year at the world level. Since then many awareness campaigns and events are organized in every country. Alzheimer's disease is the 6th leading cause of death worldwide. The symptoms and causes of these seem common, so it becomes difficult to recognize at times.

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