Why it is good to apply Tilak on Forehead?

Oct 25 2018 11:30 AM
Why it is good to apply Tilak on Forehead?

According to the scriptures it is considered quite auspicious to apply tilak on the forehead. But seeing a person applying tilak often, the question arises in the mind whether there is any benefit to imposing tilak or not? Or is there any psychological reason behind this. Generally people apply tilak on the forehead of sandal, roli, turmeric or incense. But in the rapidly changing society, people often make fun of those who apply tilak. In such cases, if you do not want your tilak to see anyone else and make opinions about you, then there are rules for this in the scriptures too. If you want, you can also tilak with water only on the forehead in this situation. Applying Tilak on the forehead has great benefits. Let's tell you today what are the advantages of holding Tilak on the forehead.

1. It has many psychological effects. This increases the confidence level of the people.

2. The brain remains cool by putting tilak everyday on the forehead. In the opposite scenario, it remains intact and relaxed.

3. By applying tilak on the forehead, the discharge of serotonin and beta endorphins in the brain is much better. This reduces the negativity of the mind and people are full of courage.

4. Applying Tilak on the forehead it stops the headache.

5. Applying turmeric oil on the forehead keeps the skin clean. The reason is that anti-bacterial elements are found in turmeric.

6. It is believed that people who wear sandalwood tilak on their forehead are never lacked of food in their homes and their fate is very good.

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