Why National Energy Conservation Day- Dec 14 - is Important?
Why National Energy Conservation Day- Dec 14 - is Important?

India celebrates National Energy Conservation Day on December 14 every year. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency, which operates under the Ministry of Power, arranged the day with the goal of showcasing India's outstanding accomplishments in resource preservation and cost-effective energy production.

On this day, additional strategies are also considered, with the primary objective of reducing climate change through holistic development. By following leading energy journalists and their work, you may involve yourself in more educational campaigns to raise awareness of climate change and energy conservation.

NATIONAL ENERGY CONSERVATION DAY'S HISTORY: The purpose of National Energy Conservation Day in India is to raise awareness of the value of energy conservation among the general public.   People are also kept in the loop on new courses of action and plans that are being framed.

Information is provided on ways to reduce energy waste and how members of the public can contribute to resource conservation. In essence, the day's main goal is to promote efficient energy use and reduce energy consumption.

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency established under the Union Ministry of Power, has been organising the National Energy Conservation Day events on December 14 every year since 1991. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency, a constitutional entity that is a part of the Government of India, aids in the creation and execution of strategies and programmes to reduce excessive energy usage. In 2001, the committee also signed "The Energy Conservation Act."

Awards are given out annually on this day in 56 sectors of the nation as part of its awareness effort to acknowledge accomplishments in energy efficiency. The National Energy Conservation Awards Programme recognises the work of businesses, organisations, and facilities, including hotels, retail centres, and power plants. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency also presents prizes to the winners of the national painting competition with an energy-saving theme.

India's development industries are expanding, which raises the country's need for energy. By 2030, it is anticipated that India's resource needs will have doubled. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency plans and creates strategies to assist in reducing this demand by promoting the adoption of energy-efficient practises.

National Energy Conservation Day promotes the value of energy conservation for all people, whether they are young or old.

India is a big country with a population of more 1.3 billion people. Accommodating such a large portion of the planet’s population implies that they also carry a large amount of responsibility for climate change.



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