Because of two main reasons we celebrate the festival of Rakhi!

Jul 31 2019 04:40 PM
Because of two main reasons we celebrate the festival of Rakhi!

You all know that every year Raksha Bandhan festival is celebrated. The festival is celebrated with great pomp and fun on the full moon day of the month of Shravan every year and this time it is on 15th August. Every year, the sister binds the rakhi in her brother's wrist in accordance with the law and seeks a promise of her own protection and the sacred thread that is tied is called Rakhi and the festival is called the Raksha Bandhan.

On this day the sisters are said to tie the Rakhi on brothers' wrists to protect them and promise to protect the siblings throughout their lives. There are many beliefs and stories behind it that we're going to tell you today. Let us know.

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Earlier, the Tulsi and Neem trees were tied by the rakhi - it is said that the sister binds the Tulsi and Neem trees to protect nature before tying the rakhi, also known as a tree-Raksha Bandhan. However, it is not in vogue nowadays. Rakhi's sister not only binds a rakhi to her brother but also to a special friend whom she considers to be her brother, and on the day of the Raksha Bandhan, the wife binds her husband and the disciple to her guru.

Lord Indra had won the Raksha Bandhan -  according to the Puranas, once war broke out between the deities and the demons, the Asur Bali defeated Lord Indra and took over Amaravati. Then Indra's wife Sachi approached Lord Vishnu with the request for help. Lord Vishnu made Sachi a hand-worn vail with cotton yarn. Lord Vishnu asked Sachi to tie it to Indra's wrist. That's what Sachi did, she tied the vail in Indra's wrist and wished for safety and success. Then Lord Indra defeated Bali and took over Amaravati.

19 years later Rakshabandhan and Independence Day will be celebrated together; an auspicious coincidence

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