Because of this reason, avoid tying Rakhi in Bhadra time; know the time

Aug 07 2019 05:00 PM
Because of this reason, avoid tying Rakhi in Bhadra time; know the time

You may know that the festival of Rakhi is celebrated in different parts of the country on the full moon day of Shravan every year. This year, 2019, Rakhi is on August 15. Astrological scholars believe that this time the Rakhi is having auspicious coincidence and according to them, guru Margi is going four days before the Raksha Bandhan which will further enhance the auspiciousness of this time.

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On the other hand, the Hindu calendar is going to be held on the 15th of August, Thursday, the Nakshatra Shravan, Bhagya Yoga, Bav Karan, Surya Rashi Cancer and Moon in Capricorn, and for this time the most important thing about this time is that it is completely free from the fault of Bhadra. 

Yes, according to astrology, this time there is going to be a combination of Shravan Nakshatra and Bhagya Yoga which is very rare. The festival, which symbolises brother and sister's love, is celebrated every year on the last day of Sawan, on this day, the sisters tie the rakhi in the hands of their brother and wish him longevity. In the meantime, the brothers also pledge to protect their sisters. Now today we are going to tell you why it is not tied up in Bhadrakal.

Because of two main reasons we celebrate the festival of Rakhi!

Know here Bhadra Kaal is considered unlucky – according to a popular legend, Ravana's sister, Shurpanakha, tied her Rakhi during the Bhadra period and it is believed that Ravana was destroyed, otherwise Ravana would not be destroyed. It is also said that there are many other such stories in Hindu society and according to one belief, unless three Tridevs, Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh are present together, no pooja is performed. It is said that during the Bhadra period, Lord Shankar is doing Tandava, which is why he disappears. That is why no one in Bhadra does any auspicious work.

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