Why the speed of Runway-34 slowed down even after a good review, know earnings of first day
Why the speed of Runway-34 slowed down even after a good review, know earnings of first day

This Friday, there is a clash of 2 Hindi movies at the box office. Ajay Devgan's movie Runway 34 has been confronted with Tiger Shroff's film Heropanti 2. This movie of different genres has come with a big treat for those who like the film. While Tiger's Heropanti is full of action and thrill, Ajay Devgan's runway 34, inspired by true events, has also got to see a lot of craze among the people. In such a situation, fans had been waiting for a long time to know who did the bumper opening at the box office. So without delay, let's talk about the first-day collection of both the films.

Slow start of runway 34: Ajay Devgan's runway 34 has been praised by critics and fans. The excellent performance of Ajay and Amitabh Bachchan has won the hearts of the people. But the first day's trading figures say something else. Media reports say that the first day flight to Runway 34 has slowed down. The movie has a slow opening with 3.50 crores.

The film is based on a true incident: From this movie, Ajay Devgan is going to meet roughly, which he has been waiting for for 14 years, i.e. giving a super hit movie as a director, seeing this movie, it seems that it is going to fulfil his dream, which he has to say that 'you, 'Me and We' and 'Shivaay' are not going to be completed. The story of this movie is inspired by a true incident, which happened a few years ago, which is associated with a major plane crash, which happened. Once, due to bad weather, the pilot decided to land the flight coming from Doha to Cochin at Trivandrum, but there too, the weather suddenly worsened and the visibility has been over-reduced and the fuel of the plane ran out of fuel in this commotion. Then who the pilot played on life and landed it and how the coming day the pilot and co-pilot are dragged into a high-level investigation instead of getting the compliment, this is what is shown in this movie. 

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