Why Should You Opt for a LLB Degree with Specialisation?

Jul 30 2019 01:08 PM
Why Should You Opt for a LLB Degree with Specialisation?

After you complete your schooling, you are at a crucial stage in your life where you must choose what you want to opt to do your further studies. This decision is a critical decision as it shapes your future in terms of career. In such circumstances, you must align your interests and take the big leap. There is a constant dilemma about whether to pursue a general degree or a specialization. This dilemma continues to grow while doing your LLB Hons degree. There are many specializations available when it comes to law. Some of these are criminal law, corporate law, labor law, taxation law, and many more.

As a student, if you are confused whether you should opt for LLB Hons Degree with a specialization or not, here’s why you should:

Reasons to Opt for a LLB Specialization

Focused Curriculum

When we talk about a specialized course, many universities offer a curriculum that is well-devised and carefully constructed to shape the students for their respective industry. This curriculum will help students prepare thoroughly for their chosen field. You will be taught special skills and the tricks of the trade that would eventually turn out to be beneficial for you.

Keeps Your Interests Aligned

Pursuing a generalized course when it comes to LLB Hons can be very vast and extensive. By doing a specialized course in law, you can efficiently align your interests and also align your focus on one branch of law. You can complete the course with utmost diligence by pursuing a specialized course. This will help you become a specialized professional who will be a thoughtful leader tomorrow.

Opportunity to Ace

Apart from aligning interests while doing a specialized course, you can use your skills and talent to master your field of choice. You won’t have to waste your talent and skills by studying a generalized law curriculum, by pursuing a specialized course, you can polish your skills further to excel in the chosen field.

Preferred by Employees

When you pursue a specialized course for your LLB Hons degree, you’d be preferred by employers more. Employers want to hire specialized law degree graduates as they have a vast and better knowledge of the field as compared to someone with a general LLB Hons degree. This means better employment and salary benefits along with your value in the market being at an all-time high.  

Law is a course that has picked up pace drastically in the modern world. With so many students pursuing this course, you can have an edge over them by pursuing a specialized course. This way you are not following the herd and paving your own career path; also you stand out amongst the crowd.

With these many benefits of a specialized course, you ought to put your apprehensions away and choose a specialized course for LLB Hons. However, it is essential that while pursuing a degree in a specialized law course, you choose the best college that not only provides the best curriculum but also industrial exposure. One such university is UPES, it has the best faculty teaching a carefully devised curriculum. They provide you with plenty of industrial exposure through moot courts, guest lectures, one-on-one with successful lawyers, debates, and much more. In the past, students have been placed with some of the best law firms in the country. With such facilities and amenities, you are bound to ace the specialized career field you choose. 

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