Why traveling alone is a great idea.

Apr 10 2019 06:47 PM
Why traveling alone is a great idea.

Traveling is always good. Especially when you do not need to coordinate your plans with other people and seek compromises. It is even better when you can go to a budget where you long wanted, without needing to explain why you should go to this country or city right now.

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Do you know when this is all possible? When you travel alone.

  • You can fly away at the first opportunity. No need to check schedules with friends, trying to find a date when it will be convenient for everyone (after three months, for example). Everything becomes much simpler: you see the action - you fly away.
  • Tickets are cheaper. If the tickets go on the promotion, then it can only extend to one seat, and the rest will go at full price. Plus, the bigger the company, the lower the chances that you will all fly one, low cost flight.
  • You can choose a trip with the craziest transfers: no one will whine that they want to quickly arrive at their destination and wanted to spit on an eight-hour transfer in Prague with the possibility of going to the city.
  • No shame: if you want to sleep all day in the room - you sleep in the room, without feeling guilty for the "seals" rest. If you want to have breakfast with tequila and chips, you have every right to do this without condemnation. And no one needs to prove the historical importance of the museum of light bulbs, in which you dreamed of getting into the third grade.
  • If you are going somewhere alone, you can find yourself a new company (and hide from it in case of something, and not swear simply because you live in the same room and are a little tired from each other). 

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