Ganesh chaturthi: Why we immerse idol of Ganesha in water

Sep 07 2018 02:36 PM
Ganesh chaturthi: Why we immerse idol of Ganesha in water

Ganesha Chaturthi is celebrated with full enthusiasm and excitement in our country.  People bring the idol of Lord Ganesha to their home and install it with great happiness. People also gather the fund and install the idol and worship it together. In this ten-day festival people worship the idol twice a day and organize several events to celebrate the fest but at last, they immerse the idol in water. Do you also wonder that why immerse our beloved Ganesha’s idol so here we bring the different reason for this ritual.

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1. It is believed that Lord Ganesha comes to earth to take the sorrow and pain of the devotees so the immersion of idol symbolizes that dissolving of problems and sorrows of the devotees in heavenly water bodies.

2. Ganesha resides in heaven he comes to earth to hear the prayers of the people.  This Act of immersion is seen as a ritual send-off to lord Ganesha for his journey back to his home.

3. It is believed that water bodies like lakes, pond and ocean are the supreme creation of god and it has power to purify the soul, therefore idol is immersed in water to purify them and can enter the heavenly abode.

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On this occasion, we wish a very happy Ganesh Chaturthi to all may Bappa wish you with health and happiness.


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