This is why women wear green bangles in Sawan

The month of Sawan is considered to be special for all, but this month is considered to be the most special month for married women. The month of Sawan is now in progress and is considered to be the best month for the worship of Lord Shiva. On the other hand, this month is very special for the devotees of Shiva and this holy month is a green one. Women wear green clothes and bangles during this time, but do you know the importance of wearing green bangles in the savanna? if not, let us tell you about that.

Importance of wearing green bangles

• Married: It is said that marriage is very important in the life of a married woman and during the month of Sawan, women wear green bangles so that they can be blessed by Shiva and their husbands have a long life.

• Wisdom and Prosperity: Let you know that green is considered to be the symbol of the planet Mercury and holding the green color strengthens Mercury and brings happiness to the offspring. At the same time, wearing green colours brings wisdom and prosperity.

Careers: The planet Mercury is said to be associated with any person's career and occupation, so holding green brings success to man in his or her own.

• For Good luck: Mahadev is also pleased with the green colour that is said to be the reason why women wear green in the month of Sawan, not just one but for many reasons.

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