Because of this reason, in the month of Sawan, women put Mehendi in hands

Aug 07 2019 04:20 PM
Because of this reason, in the month of Sawan, women put Mehendi in hands

The month of Sawan is special for all. The month of Sawan is awaited by all and is considered to be the favourite month of Bholenath. This month, there are lakhs of people who want to please Bholenath. These days only greenery can be seen everywhere. In this month, married women do good makeups and young girls wear mehndi and green, red bangles.

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On the other hand, mehndi is considered to be of different importance this month. Yes, it is said that the practice of mehndi in India has been going on for centuries and women of all ages have been wooing the leaves of Mehndi. It is customary to use mehndi in almost every region of the country and this practice has been going on for years. On the other hand, the month of Sawan has its own importance of applying mehndi, both religious and scientific. So let's tell you.

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Scientific significance – many people say Sawan is also known as the month of rain and it would not be wrong to say so. A number of diseases are spread during this month and green colour in Ayurveda is considered effective in the control of many diseases. The scent and coolness of Mehndi also reduce stress and this is one of the reasons why Mehndi is considered to be extremely important.

On the other hand, as Mehndi is cold, it is used to reduce the increased heat in the body and the use of mehndi in the soles of hands and feet reduces body heat. At the same time, Mehndi also has many medicinal properties and the coolness of Mehndi relieves stress, headache and fever. It is said to remove many skin diseases and also remove the aroma of the skin.

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Religious significance: Though there are many festivals in Sawan, the fasting and various rituals of women begin from this month. In this month, all this brings undivided good fortune and prosperity to the home. According to the scriptures, it is considered necessary for women to adorn the festivities and fasts of good luck, meaning that it is necessary to wear things of good fortune. It also includes Mehndi for this reason that Mehndi is applied during the month of Sravana.

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