Wife cheering over Mother’s death than husband took revenge in such way….

Mar 15 2019 02:15 PM
Wife cheering over Mother’s death than husband took revenge in such way….

A husband has murdered his wife for a reason that his wife was cheering on the demise of his mother-in-law. This incident is from Kolhapur of Maharashtra. It is being told that Sandeep Lokhande, a resident of Kolhapur, was ill for quite some time and on March 9, his 70 year old mother, Malti Lokhande, passed away. Sandeep was very unhappy with his mother's death. But Sandeep's wife was happy with the death of her mother-in-law and she expressed her happiness in front of Sandeep. 

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His wife Shubhangi Lokhande was unhappy with her mother's death, Sandeep got angry over her and she killed her wife on 9th March. This led to the death of two members of this house within a day. Although Shubhangi's death was first seen from the angle of suicide, but later when the police examined the matter well then the truth of the death of Shubhangi reveals.

According to the police, Sandeep lives with his family in the Attenagar suburb and he threw his wife down with the second floor of his house. Sandeep's wife was standing in the balcony of her house, and at the same time Sandeep did this incident. However, after falling off the Shubhangi balcony, it was considered as suicide and it was said that Shubhangi jumped from the balcony in the gum of his mother-in-law. 

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The news of Shubhangi's suicide was spread to the newspapers and it was written in the local newspapers that it was "sad because of the death of a mother-in-law and her daughter-in-law's suicide". But the police did not pay attention to the theories of news published in the newspapers and investigated the case with every angle. At the end of its investigation, the police found that Shubhangi did not commit suicide and he was murdered. When the police interrogated Sandeep, he confessed his crime.

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