Wife commits suicide on knowing her husbands' plan for second marriage

Aug 02 2020 02:02 PM
Wife commits suicide on knowing her husbands' plan for second marriage

A couple fell in love at an unknown age and got married against the wishes of the elders. For years their marriage went smoothly. However, the husband was ready for a second marriage as he had not had children for ten years. It was during this sequence that his wife died in a suspicious condition on Friday morning. The incident took place in the Daulatabad zone of Medak district. Manikyappa from Narsingamma (25) of Yanki village got married inter-caste ten years ago. At that time, they got married despite opposition from the elders.

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The couple came to the village four months ago in the wake of the lockdown. However, Manikyappa was harassing his wife as he had not had children in years. Manikyappa said that he was getting married for the second time for the sake of having children. Offended by this, the lady committed suicide by drinking insecticide on Friday morning.

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Manikyappa, who woke up in the morning and saw his wife lying lifeless, immediately informed her family members. They immediately reached there and saw the body of the lady and wept. talks surrounded in front of the house that the husband had killed the wife for having a second marriage. Upon receiving information about the incident, the police reached there and started investigating. The woman's family members told police to conduct a comprehensive investigation. The body was later shifted to Kodangal Hospital for postmortem.

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