Wife seeks divorce by saying 'First there was hair but now it is bald'

Nowadays, many strange cases come up in the world, so today there is a case which has surprised everyone. The matter is being reported from Meerut. According to the information, a woman asked for a divorce from her husband only because the hairs from her head suddenly disappeared. It has become a matter of discussion throughout the region. The case has been reached at the Family Counselling Centre in Meerut, after which everyone's senses flew. In this case, a woman alleges that when she got married, her husband had a lot of curly hair on his head.

The woman married her husband for a good personality. somedays after marriage, everything went well, but gradually the hair of the husband's head began to fall. In about a year, the husband became completely bald, and that's why the woman sought a divorce. The woman says she can no longer live with her husband and wants to divorce him.

The woman says she wants a divorce now under any circumstances. It is being said that when the counseling of a woman is done in the family counseling center, then she has calmed down. The Institute had a well-counseling of both husband and wife; after which the woman agreed and agreed to be together again. Both husband and wife say that they do not want to negotiate the matter as the two have reached an agreement. This matter has become a topic of discussion among the people at this time.

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