Wife dies due to lack of oxygen, husband decides to give oxygen to the country in this way

Jun 14 2021 04:03 PM
Wife dies due to lack of oxygen, husband decides to give oxygen to the country in this way

In a happy married life, if either husband and wife have said goodbye to the world, life becomes even more deserted. This is what happened to Dhruv Patel, a man from Ahmedabad. At that time, there was a lot of oxygen shortage all over the country. Meanwhile, his wife Neha also became infected with Covid. Dhruv Neha wandered from hospital to hospitals to meet the shortage of oxygen saturation but oxygen could not be provided anywhere. Dhruv's wife lost her life due to lack of oxygen in the end. Dhruv had been desperate, upset and full of sorrow for the past one month. Suddenly he remembered one thing in honour of his wife and started planting trees to meet the lack of oxygen in nature. And in no time he planted 450 trees. People in the vicinity are greatly promoting Dhruv's work.

Wife's death from corona: Dhruv says he had a happy married life of 17 years. 'His wife Neha is no longer in his life. About a month ago, on May 12, Neha left us and left the world, he says. 4 out of 5 people in my family suffered from covid. Me, my wife, my son and my dad. Not just my mother was also infected' We were all suffering but Neha's troubles started increasing. He began to find it difficult to breathe. Then we scoured the hospitals. She did everything for her but could not escape' Dhruv said, "The last 30 days have brought about the emptiness of my life that can never be filled."

It is our duty to plant three trees: Dhruv and her 15-year-old son Purva planted 450 trees to pay their unique respects to Neha. Since Neha died due to oxygen deficiency, the family decided not to allow oxygen deficiency in nature. He took an oath for it. Dhruv said, "We decided to plant trees from Siddhapur where we performed Neha's last rites. He said that a Brahmin told me to plant at least three trees in life, which were flourishing. The Brahmin explained the reason why when one is cremated, the last rites are performed. It is a gift from others at the time of the last farewell on earth. Therefore, every human being must plant at least three trees to return this favour or gift it to others. Dhruv said, I was touched by his words and I decided that I would plant trees".

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