Wife, along with her lover, did this with her husband

Sep 07 2019 02:20 PM
Wife, along with her lover, did this with her husband

Nowadays the cases of increasing crime have become a surprise for everyone. In such a case, the matter which has recently surfaced is being told of Balrampur. In this case, on Friday, the police revealed the case of the dead body of a middle-aged man found in a sugarcane field in Chapia Sukhrampur village of Tulsipur police station area.

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At the same time, the police have arrested the deceased's wife and her lover on charges of this case. According to reports, the police came to know during the investigation that the wife had murdered her husband along with her lover.

Both the accused have confessed their crime. Recently, Superintendent of Police Arvind Mishra told that "During the investigation of the incident, the police came to know that the deceased Bhurre went to earn foreign land after a few years of his marriage and did not return home after about 10-12 years. Meanwhile, Bhurre's wife Chinaka Devi hooked to Ghanshyam Kori's son Parag Kori of the village.

Two months ago, Bhurre's son had found him and brought him back home. Even after her husband came home, Chinaka was similar to Devi Ghanshyam, which Bhurre opposed many times. This thing went to Ghanshyam and Chinaka Devi exasperatingly.

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Both of them made up their mind to remove Bhurre from the road. On September 2, at 4.30 am, the husband and wife went for a walk. According to the predetermined plan, Ghanshyam Kori was already ambushed. Who, along with Chinaka Devi near the sugarcane field, killed her throat with a saffron pot, lying on the neck of Bhurre.

The body was hidden in Santram Yadav's sugarcane field and Poonam Singh in Poonam Singh's sugarcane field. Both have confessed to their crime during interrogation. The pottery has been recovered on his spotlight. "In this case, the police has been continuously investigating and then they have got success."

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