Spent lakhs on Boyfriend, Killed husband when he got to know about it

Aug 19 2019 08:45 PM
Spent lakhs on Boyfriend, Killed husband when he got to know about it

Recently, a case of crime has come to light from Vijayawada. In Adhra Pradesh and Telangana, there is still a case of murder over illicit relations. Now, another case has come to light in Andhra Pradesh on Sunday night. According to reports, Ramdas lived with his wife Mogilamma in Dharamrajulapuram village of Chittpara Panchayat area of Chittoor district and Mogilma had been having an illicit relationship with Umapati (26) of the same village for some time.

In the meantime, Mogilamma gave Umapati four lakh rupees and some gold as loan without knowing her husband, and after that when Ramdas questioned about money and gold, he came to know everything. Ramdas then started pressuring his wife to fetch four lakh rupees and gold given to Umapati, which did not suit his wife. On Saturday night, Mogilamma summoned her boyfriend Umapati to the house and after that both of them stabbed Ramdas to death with a knife in connection with his illicit relationship.

According to reports, Mogilamma held her husband's leg and Umapati tied her hands with a rope and cut her throat with a knife and after her murder, Mogilamma asked her boyfriend Umapati to leave Chittpara. The next morning, she got up and started screaming and the people present there informed the police about the incident. When the police detained and questioned them in the case, they came to know.

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