Husband dies in lockdown, wife escapes with lover

May 18 2020 05:00 PM
Husband dies in lockdown, wife escapes with lover

Increasing cases of crime have become a matter of concern for all. Moreover, even in lockdown, there is no reduction in these cases, which is a more serious subject. According to the recent news, a wife has escaped with her tenant after the death of her husband. She also took two daughters with her, while leaving three minor sons.

There are reports that the woman reached home with the lover to occupy the property, but the sons refused to go with the mother and after that, all this happened. The matter is being reported from Izatnagar in Bareilly. Where the retired railway employee's leg broke five years ago and after that, his wife had eloped with the tenant. While going there, the woman took two daughters with her, while leaving eight, 10 and 12-year-old sons. According to reports, the sister-in-law Priyanka and her husband Rakesh took the responsibility of looking after the children. In this case, they told that the railway employee died in lockdown on April 20.

Hearing this sad news, the wife of the deceased came with her lover and started selling property and started talking about taking the children with her. Hearing this, some people of the locality banished both the accused. After that, when the children refused to go with the mother, she went away with her daughters. 

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