4-month-old pregnant woman hanged herself, husband arrested

Aug 13 2019 06:07 PM
4-month-old pregnant woman hanged herself, husband arrested

Nowadays cases of rising crime are all shocked. One of the cases that has recently come to light is in the Keshavpuram area of the North-Western district. The body of a newlywed hanging from a fan has come to light in suspicious circumstances. While the police have termed it as suicide in the initial investigation, the girl's parents have made serious allegations on the in-laws' side. Yes, the police are now investigating the angle of murder and suicide and soon the investigation will prove whether it is murder or suicide....?

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Talking about the case, DCP Vijinta Arya said, "Keshavpuram police received a call on Sunday evening. It was reported that a newlywed in Chander Nagar in Trinagar had committed suicide by hanging. Police rushed to the spot. She was identified as Parul. Her body was hanging from a fan on the second floor. The body was sent for post mortem," the DCP said, adding that Parul's father alleged that his daughter-in-law had been torching her for a long time. There is a shoe shop in Gaurav's Tri Nagar Market.

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According to the charge, Parul was badly harassed by the in-laws. She was kept locked in the room and did not even give her food. She was 4 months pregnant, yet the in-laws used to torch her. It is alleged that the in-laws asked him to bring fridges, ACs, laptops and LEDs in dowry.

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