Husband tolerates wife's affair for 9 years and then took this terrible step
Husband tolerates wife's affair for 9 years and then took this terrible step

Jashpur: A shocking case has come to light from Jagdalpur district of Chhattisgarh. In fact, here a case of husband committing suicide due to his wife's lover has come to the fore. Now the discussions have intensified regarding this whole incident. In fact, a suicide note was also recovered from the site of the incident, in which the wife's lover Purandar Yadav has been held responsible.

On the other hand, the incident was immediately reported to the police and the police started the action by registering a case. Let us tell all of you that this whole matter is about the garden of the garden. Here last night, the deceased Rohit Yadav's father Hariram Yadav committed suicide by hanging himself in the yard of his house. Yes, and for this, he has blamed Lasiamba Kardega, a resident of Purandar Yadav, in his suicide note. However, by establishing a case in this case, the police is engaged in the investigation.

In this case, the family told that the deceased was married about 9 years ago, and he was worried about the love affair of his wife. Yes, and last night after a dispute about something, the husband hanged himself. It is also being told that due to constant tension in family life, the deceased was upset for a long time. At present, the police are investigating the matter.

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