Husband trapped in quarantine centre, wife ran away with lover

Jun 19 2020 02:20 PM
Husband trapped in quarantine centre, wife ran away with lover

Nowadays the increasing cases of crime are surprising everyone. The matter which has recently come up is from Begusarai district of Bihar. Where a married woman conspired to run away with her lover, but she could not succeed. After protesting against her husband, police took custody of the husband and wife and lover. According to the information received in this case, the woman's husband was in the quarantine centre, due to which she easily came closer to her lover. Meanwhile, the woman reached Begusarai for treatment, where she had already told the lover everything. After that, she was about to run away by tricking her husband but the police arrested both of them.

According to the news, the woman was trying to run away with her lover, then the husband is demanding panchayat to look into this matter. According to the information received, Arun Kumar, a resident of Mathar in Khagaria district, was married to Neha a year ago. After living together for the past 9 months, Arun took his wife to Gujarat and then left her back to the village Mather. Arun went to Gujarat again after sending his wife home and started working as labour. During this, Neha went to her maternal home due to her husband being trapped in lockdown.

Meanwhile, she came closer to her former lover Kundan. When Arun returned from Gujarat, he was quarantined for 14 days and after staying in the quarantine for 14 days, as soon as Arun reached his mother-in-law, she planned to run away with her lover and fled to Begusarai on the pretext of treatment. Husband caught her in time. According to the news received, police officer of Mahila Police Station, Sanjay Kumar Mishra told, the police is engaged in talking to the families of both sides.

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