Will Joe Biden put pressure on PM Modi over India's Muslims?

New Delhi: Ahead of the proposed meeting of US President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Narendra Modi next month, the US President's Office has made important remarks on the situation of Muslims in India. White House Press Secretary Karin Jean-Pierre has said that she cannot confirm whether Joe Biden will pressure Modi during his meeting with him over the rights of Muslims.

In fact, during a press briefing with the press secretary, journalists questioned whether when the leaders of the two countries meet for the I2U2 summit in July, will Joe Biden put pressure on PM Modi to protect India's Muslims? Pierre said she could not confirm this, but President Biden had no problem talking to foreign leaders about human rights. "President Biden has no problem talking to leaders about human rights, about freedom, about the importance of democracy."

He continued, saying that the President has done this before. I can't say what will be on his agenda of meeting PM Modi. I can't confirm what the two leaders are going to discuss when they meet," Pierre said, adding that Biden knows how to keep his point clearly and unmasked. "And when it comes to human rights, they don't hesitate to have a frank conversation with leaders."

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