Will Smith is famous all over the world for this special style

Noted Hollywood superstar Will Smith is celebrating his birthday today. Will is also very popular in India. Will also has a lot of faith in the Sanatan Dharma. Will Smith is known for his brilliant performances on the big screen, but he is very popular for his simplicity in real life. He is known not only in Hollywood but in many places in the world.

The special thing about the same will is that he is very interested in Hinduism. Yes, that is why he has often been spotted visiting many pilgrimage sites in India. Will Smith came to Harki Padi in Haridwar in 2018. Because of this, he came to know about the Indian spiritual philosophy, eternal Hindu tradition and culture of India.

It was because of this that he offered special prayers at the Mahamrityunjam temple praying for the peace of the souls of his ancestors. Will had also made his horoscope in Haridwar. This was reported by Astrologer Pratik Mishrapuri, Director, Oriental Vidya Society in Haridwar. Will Smith had gone back after visiting Harki Pauri. After which Astrologer Pratik Mishrapuri, Director, Oriental Vidya Society, said that he acquired knowledge of spirituality as well as recognition of Ganga and Haridwar in Indian philosophy of religion.

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