Will Smith did not put alcohol in hand till he turned 21; this is the big reason

Oct 12 2018 09:10 AM
Will Smith did not put alcohol in hand till he turned 21; this is the big reason

Hollywood actor and best singer Will Smith has been in India for a few days. He is also well-versed in the Indian culture and civilization. This is the reason that sometimes he is performing Ganga Aarti in Haridwar, and while being seen in Mumbai, running Autos. He also visited Agra and he also honed Taj Mahal.

In a media show, he also performed bhangra with Bollywood actor Farhan Akhtar. After this he also opened several secrets related to his life. It is believed that there is no blockage due to free culture in Western countries and it is common to drink alcohol. But Smith made many such revelations that could lead to inspiration. He told that he did not took alcohol to the age of 21. Alcohol and intoxication have never been a priority in his life, perhaps this is the reason that I have done something different in my life.

Will Smith said that he only sang his first rap song at the age of 12. Which was quite liked. Not only this, at the age of 17, he made his first concert of life. For this, a person paid him $ 1,000. He laughs, "After getting $ 1000 I decided that I would never do anything that the man thought that I should not have given $ 1000.

After this I went further focused on my work. That's why I started working more and more everyday with my songs. Smith, who won millions of hearts from his acting in movies like 'Man in Black', 'Bad Boys' and 'Hancock', believes the world of the Internet and the technology as good and bad too. He says that my children are growing up and it is not possible to keep them away from this medium because this is the essence of moving forward

Smith said that Internet and technology have changed a lot in childhood. If you have done something wrong or with you, then within six minutes, the news comes to the whole world. Everyone knows that you have made a mistake even when you are a teen or a little younger. It is very difficult to tell the children.

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