SHOCKING confessions made by Will Smith in his self-titled memoir

Will Smith's fans are well-versed in the lives of the well-known Hollywood actor. However, even his supporters are unaware of several stories regarding his life. Will Smith's biography book was just released, and since then, he has been in the news on a regular basis. Will states in his book that after splitting up with his fiancée, he had sex with many ladies.

Relationships with many women:

After parting up with his girlfriend, the actor says in his book that he had so many women that his health had deteriorated. Will Smith (Will Smith) was released just a few weeks ago. He talked about his life and his experiences thus far with others in it.

Will also stated that the girl he broke up with was just 16 years old. Continuing his case, Will stated, 'The split was out of tolerance for me.' Following that, I began having sexual relations with a large number of women.' Will also gave an explanation for why he did so. He said that I was seeking relief because there is no cure for heartbreak.


Will also added, according to media reports, that he helped the girl divert her focus by shopping a lot and having connections with all the girls in order to prevent sadness. Will has stated that when in a relationship, he was only interested in developing a physical bond with a female, but that following the split, he had other relationships. As he began to make, his health began to suffer.

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