Will the price of petrol and diesel be reduced now? PM Modi makes 'special' appeal to chief ministers of all states
Will the price of petrol and diesel be reduced now? PM Modi makes 'special' appeal to chief ministers of all states

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi's statement on the ever-rising prices of petrol and diesel has come to the fore. He has urged the state governments to reduce VAT. PM Modi has said that it is right to delay six months, but now the state governments should reduce the tax on oil. Pm Modi said this in a meeting with the chief ministers of various states. This meeting of PM Modi was by the way about the Corona epidemic. But there was also a mention of rising fuel prices here.

In a meeting with the Chief Ministers, PM Modi said that the situation of war which has arisen, which has affected the supply chain, in such an environment, the challenges are increasing day by day. This global crisis is bringing many challenges, in such a way, it has become imperative to further enhance the coordination between the Centre and the state. PM Modi further gave the example of rising prices of petrol and diesel. He said the central government had cut excise duty in November to reduce the burden on people. Then the state governments were also asked to reduce VAT. Some states gave relief to the people by obeying the Centre, but some states did not do so.

PM Modi further said that due to this, the price of petrol and diesel in those states is more than the rest of the states at present. The PM said it is unfair to do so as it also hurts the neighbouring states as people go there to refuel. PM Modi admitted that the state which cuts taxes loses revenue, but it gives relief to the common people. Pm Modi said that Maharashtra, West Bengal, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Jharkhand, Tamil Nadu did not listen to the central government for some reason or the other and the citizens of those states were burdened, my prayer is that what was to be done in November, now you should benefit the citizens by reducing vat.

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