Win thousands of rupees by playing quizzes on Amazon


On the e-commerce platform AMAZON, a new round of the Daily App Quiz has begun. Today, Amazon's online shopping platform is holding a quiz for a chance to win Rs 10,000 in Amazon Pay Balance. On Amazon's mobile app, you may take these quizzes. Let us remind you that this daily quiz begins at 8 a.m. and ends at 12 p.m. every day. The quiz comprises of 5 general knowledge (GK) and current events questions.

To won a huge amount of such prizes, you must successfully answer all of the quiz questions. There are four alternatives for each question presented between quizzes. The winner of the previously consumed quiz is set to be declared today.


How to Play Quiz?
– If your phone doesn't have Amazon app, you must download it first to play quizzes.

– You'll need to sign in after downloading and installing.

– Then open the app and scroll down the home screen. Where at the bottom you will find the banner of 'Amazon Quiz'.

Here are five questions from today's quiz as well as their answers. So go and win 10,000 Amazon Pay Balance.

Question 1- In which language has kuzangal been selected as India's official entry at the Oscars?
Answer 1- Tamil.

Question 2- WWE Crown Jewel was a WWE event held recently in which city?
Answer 2- Riyadh.

Question 3- Who won the Nobel Prize for 'Exploring the interaction of disorders and fluctuations in physical systems from atom to planetary scale'?
Answer 3- Giorgio Paris.

Question 4- From which continent did this fruit originate?
North 4- South America.

Question 5- Which famous fort is this?
Answer 5- Golconda Fort.

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