Winstina Taylor---- The woman who embraces every ability with quintessence.

To express the sentiments by filling beautifully the white canvas that precisely depicts the composition which is extraordinary. Some people are the substantial exemplar to relate when it appears to their laurels and pinnacle achievements have in their ecstatic journey. Among some of the renowned and most successful women, Winstina Taylor is at the top of the list.

Winstina Taylor is a prominent all-rounder award-winning, Sierra Leone-raised, American-trained actress, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and humanitarian. Being an incredible actor some of her movies are now disseminated across Africa through the IROKO TV, DStv Channel, UK nations and many outlets. Her glorious feelings and efforts have proven that African movies can be done successfully so, it helps crossover the racial and ethnic lines. The enterprising Winstina has undertaken a prosperous production company named Prime International Productions in the view to assist forthcoming actors and several artists to have a regional company to name residence.

She had helped the helpless particularly her Sierra Leone community via Immaculate Charities co-owned with her mother Rosemarie Sesay along with this her other charity organization named Tinamarie foundation is also bearing up a wonderful chore. She knows how to balance her experience as well as social life by being a very active civic being. She has accomplished educational excursions to education about fitness, communicable disorders, widespread disorders and hygiene to the rural people of Sierra Leone.

Her gigantic objective in stability is to put a smile on everyone that seems around her and glance no one abandoned in poverty or starvation. We heartily appreciate this leading lady from Africa who has set a standard for many. We wish her all the best for the future.

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