Winter superfoods that can help boost immune system keep intestine healthy

The havoc of coronavirus is still covered. In such a situation, the number of infected people in the third wave is constantly increasing. Let everyone know that being infected, having a weak immunity/defence. It is the result of weak immunity. In such a situation, according to the expert, the immune system is also specifically associated with gut bacteria. The gut and the immune system support each other to promote a healthy body. Due to this, it is very important for the intestines of the body to stay healthy to be strong and today we are going to tell about such foods which can help in keeping the intestines healthy.

Eat such foods to promote the health of the intestines - Fermentation foods play an important role in keeping the gut healthy. These foods are rich in probiotics and bacteria that are conducive to the intestines, which promote the health of the intestines. With this, fermented foods strengthen immunity, correct digestion, reduce symptoms of lactose intolerance, prevent liver disease, help with arthritis disease, improve the symptoms of diabetes, etc.  Because of this, consuming fermented foods is considered to be quite good to keep the gut healthy.

Paneer - Cheese is made from milk, and it is a very good fermented food. In such a situation, cheese is also quite high in protein, and eating it can make up for the lack of protein.

Yoghurt - Nutritionists agree, that bacteria also improve gut activity. Due to this, many fermented drinks and products are being found in the supermarket in the market, which should be consumed daily. Yoghurt is also such a fermented product. It is said that one should consume 1 bowl of yoghurt with food every day.
Dosa and Idli - It is actually made by fermenting a solution of rice and dal. It is good food, which is full of various nutrients. Do not use ready-to-mix packets to eat fermented idlis. Eating it also strengthens immunity.

Dhokla - Dhokla is a traditional fermented food, which is a Gujarati dish. It is made from gram dal or besan. Before making it, the yeast is also picked up in it and then it is made. Eating it also strengthens immunity.

Kombucha or fermented tea - Kombucha is a tea that is made by mixing bacteria, yeast and sugar in green or black tea. Yes and it is sweet in taste, which improves digestion, controls blood sugar and also improves the health of the intestine.

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