Wipro Ltd announces salary increments for junior staff from September 1

Jun 18 2021 05:49 PM
Wipro Ltd announces salary increments for junior staff from September 1

IT Giant Wipro on Friday said it will give wage hikes to junior employees effective from September 1, 2021. As announced earlier, all eligible employees above band C1 (Managers and above) will receive pay hikes with effect from June 1, it added.

In January 2021, the company had announced salary hikes for eligible employees in these bands, who form 80 percent of the company's workforce – this is the second hike in this calendar year' Wipro said.

''On average, the increments will be in the high single digits for offshore employees while it will be in the mid-single digits for onsite employees. The company will reward top performers with substantially higher increases,'' it added.

Wipro employees are categorised in five bands (A to E), with sub-rankings within each band based on their work experience. Employees up to the B3 band (juniors) account for the biggest share of Wipro's over 1.97 lakh staff.

Wipro had also rolled out promotions for high performers in bands up to B3, effective December 1, 2020. Many IT firms, including Wipro, had deferred annual increments and promotions at the beginning of FY'21 due to the pandemic-induced slowdown. These increments were given in the later months.

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