Wireless Mic: These mics are great for influencers and bloggers, the price is just this much
Wireless Mic: These mics are great for influencers and bloggers, the price is just this much


When creating videos, voice recording is essential. Using a wired microphone with a long cable can be cumbersome. However, there are wireless microphone options available that can make your video recording experience much smoother. Here, we'll guide you on where to purchase these wireless mics and where you can get discounts on them.

Digitek Wireless Microphone

The Digitek wireless microphone offers features like noise cancellation and fast charging. It's suitable for YouTube videos, shorts, reels, and vlogging, providing ease of use wherever you go. Originally priced at ₹2,495, you can purchase it with a 62% discount on the e-commerce platform Amazon, bringing the price down to just ₹949.


For those looking for a quality option, the SONY ECM-S1 wireless streaming microphone could be a great choice. Though slightly more expensive, it comes with many features. Its original price is ₹34,990, but you can buy it on Amazon with a 21% discount, bringing the price down to ₹27,671.

Live Streaming and Extended Shoots

These microphones are suitable for live streaming, video shoots, and long recordings. They are available at significantly reduced prices compared to their original costs.

Digitek (DWM 101 Wireless Microphone)

The Digitek DWM 101 wireless microphone features ANC noise reduction, 360° sound capture, and a range of 100 meters. It can accompany you for up to 12 hours on a single charge. Originally priced at ₹6,995, it is available with a 37% discount for ₹4,399.

Additional Options

Besides the options mentioned above, there are many other choices available online where you can purchase these microphones at discounted prices.

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