With Biden's withdrawal of US forces in Afghanistan, America's longest war is ending

America's longest war is about to come to an end. Earlier this year, President Biden said all U.S. troops will withdraw from Afghanistan by September. We've been deployed to Afghanistan for nearly 20 years. The Biden administration also announced we're going to stop combat missions in Iraq by the end of this year. Shifting focus away from Afghanistan and Iraq is shaping up to be a signature aspect of the Biden administration's foreign policy. We've been through a lot as a country because of our involvement in these wars for the past two decades.

Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have hung over the US and the world for nearly two decades — taking hundreds of thousands of lives, costing taxpayer money and leaving America war-weary.  Now, Biden's full withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan and decision to end combat missions in Iraq marks an end to the post-9/11 era and represents a renewed focus on combatting threats from China.

We're mapping out Biden's skepticism toward our engagement in the Middle East and remembering the human life our wars have cost — Afghan, Iraqi and American lives and those touched by the far-flung effects of our "forever wars."


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