With this car you can travel comfortably even on the bumpy roads of the mountains

Most of the people like to travel to the mountains, which is having a different pleasure. In large numbers, people have moved away from their hectic lives and moved towards the mountains to live peacefully for some time. Now if people have a great and powerful car on this journey, then its fun increases even more. Now it is not necessary that every person has a car that will make his trip to the mountains more fun. But, it is also not that a person wants to buy such a car and does not get it.

However, it is necessary that you should know which car is going to be better for driving on the bumpy roads of the mountains. Actually, those cars are better for driving on the mountains or say for off-roading, which have more ground clearance. If the ground clearance is high, then the lower surface of the car will not hit the ground on the bumpy roads of the mountains and your journey is going to be good. If the ground clearance is less, then the car is going to hit the ground from below.

Cars with highest ground clearance
Force Gurkha Ground Clearance - 205 mm
Renault Duster Ground Clearance - 205 mm
Tata Nexon Ground Clearance - 209 mm
Nissan Kicks Ground Clearance - 210 mm
Kia Sonet Ground Clearance - 211 mm
Toyota Fortuner Ground Clearance - 221 mm
Mahindra Thar Ground Clearance - 226 mm
Isuzu D-Max MU-X Ground Clearance - 230 mm
Mahindra Alturas G4 Ground Clearance - 244 mm

We have given only examples of these cars, there are many other options available in the market, you can also explore them but you just have to keep in mind that for off-roading choose only those cars whose ground The clearance is high and the engine is strong.

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