With whom Sushmita Sen is in brother's divorce? Actress disclosed herself
With whom Sushmita Sen is in brother's divorce? Actress disclosed herself

Sushmita Sen, the famous actress of Bollywood films, is in the news these days for many different reasons. On the one hand, the news of Sushmita's love relationship with Lalit Modi is everywhere, on the other hand, there are many reports about Sushmita's bond with brother Rajiv Sen and Charu Asopa. Now Charu Asopa has told the reality of her relationship with Sushmita to the fans.  

Sushmita Sen's brother and Charu Asopa have decided to part ways. The two are divorcing each other. Meanwhile, there were reports that Sushmita is supporting Charu amidst the fight between her brother and sister-in-law, so she has unfollowed her brother Rajiv on Instagram. But she still follows Charu on social media.  

Charu Asopa told the truth about Sushmita and her relationship with the world in an interview. Charu, while talking about Sushmita Sen, said that she is a wonderful actress and a good person. She has been very welcoming to me since the beginning. I will always cherish the relationship between her and me. Charu said that her relationship with Sushmita Sen is of love and respect. At the same time, Rajiv Sen had spoken about Sushmita Sen's unfollowing him and that her sister never followed him on Instagram. She only follows him on Twitter.  

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