''Farmers' distrust of govt will not go away with one rollback'': says Sachin Pilot

New Delhi: Despite the repeal of all three agricultural laws, senior Congress leader Sachin Pilot stated on Tuesday that farmers' suspicion of the Modi government would continue, and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will suffer consequences in the upcoming elections. He also suggested that the administration contact farmers to discuss their concerns.

In an interview, Sachin Pilot stated that no matter what the Modi administration does now, it will be too late to alleviate his suffering during the anti-agricultural legislation agitation. 'Indian history has rarely seen such a long movement by farmers,' Pilot added. It's been going on for a year.

What was the point of hurting people's lives and livelihoods if the laws were to be repealed? Farmers were dubbed "naxalites," "separatists," and "terrorists" by the media. The minister's family were the ones who drove the automobile towards the crowd.'

The pilot wondered why the government announced the repeal of laws when there was so much animosity toward farmers. 'The decision has undoubtedly been decided after weighing political advantages and costs,' he added. According to the pilot, the Modi administration should not only provide a legal guarantee of the minimum support price (MSP), but also create a rule or law to ensure that food is purchased.

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