Without Punishment, Khushi kept in 6 Jail, You Will Cry By Reading Her Unique Story

Jun 26 2019 06:31 PM
Without Punishment, Khushi kept in 6 Jail, You Will Cry By Reading Her Unique Story

The relationship between father and daughter is very important. So one of the cases we've brought to you today is something like that. In fact, in Bilaspur (Cg), when a father leaves his daughter, tears flow from both sides and today the Bilaspur Central Jail witnessed a similar scene. Yes, a jailed prisoner cried with his 6-year-old daughter Joy (name changed), and the reason was very special. In fact, from today, her daughter was going to live in a big school hostel instead of jail bars, about a month ago, during a jail inspection, collector Dr. Sanjay Alang had gone on a happy meeting with female inmates.

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At that time, he had come to promise him that he would be enrolled in a big school, and today collector Dr. Sanjay Alang happily got in his car and left the Central Jail to school. On the other hand, joy got out of the car and the one stared at the school, and the joy grabbed the collector's finger and went inside the school. She had already prepared to go to school with a biscuit in one hand and chocolate in the other, and the children usually cry on the first day of school, but the happiness was very happy today. Joy was getting free today because of the innocence conviction in prison bars.

In fact, at the initiative of the collector, the Jain International School in the city gave Joy admission to her school and will remain in the school hostel. He has also arranged special caretakers for happiness and the school operator, Mr. Ashok Aggarwal, has said that "the cost of happiness studies and hostels will be raised by the school management". "You can also tell all of you that Joy's father is a convicted prisoner in a crime in central jail Bilaspur and has served a five-year jail term, now he has five more years to stay in jail. According to the information available in the case, joy had died of jaundice when she was 15 days old and had to live with her father in jail because there was no one in the house to nurture.

After she grew up, she was given the responsibility of raising female inmates and studying at a play school operated inside the jail, but joy fully wanted to be freed from the prison's air and incidentally one day the collector came to inspect the jail and she visited the women's barracks. I saw a small girl sitting with the female inmates. After she asked the girl, she said she wanted to come out of jail. He has a mind to study in a big school. The girl got emotional to the collector and immediately spoke to the city's school operators and the Jain International School's handlers agreed to give pleasure. Now, at the initiative of the Collector, 17 other children in jail were also started to join the school.

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