The woman came out to watch a film with her lover, husband followed, and then...

Sep 19 2019 08:40 PM
The woman came out to watch a film with her lover, husband followed, and then...

Recently, a case of crime has surfaced from Ghaziabad. Yes, in the Modinagar area of Ghaziabad district adjacent to Delhi, a case of love affair has come to light that you will be blown away by listening. Yes, in this case, a woman watching a movie in the theater with her lover caught her in red-handed cinema by her husband.

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Yes, according to the reports, there is information in this case that when the woman was watching the film with her lover, then the husband came and suddenly, due to the arrival of the husband in front of him, the woman blatantly lashed out by accusing her lover of stalking her. And filed a case of molestation in the police station against him.

Yes, at the same time, when the lover told the whole reality to the police, the police were also surprised. According to the reports received in this case, this woman resident of Modinagar has been in love with a young man for a long time and her husband had suspected this. At the same time, the woman is a teacher in a school and on Tuesday, the teacher did not go to school and went to Ghaziabad to watch a film with her lover.

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In this case, it is being told that "Somehow the teacher's husband got caught and he too followed her to the cinema hall. When the woman came out during the film's interval, she suddenly panicked in front of her husband after standing. In order to protect herself, the woman started beating her lover standing nearby while walking a new trick. The teacher heard the lover very well. "With this, she alleged that "Why is he following her daily?"

A sudden uproar caused a crowd of people there. However, both the parties present there were pacified and sent home. After this, the teacher reached the police station on Wednesday and also filed a complaint against the lover, along with her husband. "In this case, it has been told that the accused" has been following her for a long time." In this case, the police questioned the young man, he told all and after this, the police came to know everything and the police has now started investigating this matter.

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