Woman dancing in the midst of live TV debate, video goes viral"

Many types of videos are viral on the internet every day. Now even at this time a video is becoming increasingly viral. This video is such that you will not be able to stop laughing after watching it. Actually this video is of a news channel where people are enjoying laughing after watching what happened in the live debate show.

Yes, during that time a video is going viral on social media, in which the panelist was not given a chance to speak, then he did a shocking act to make people listen to his voice. You can see in this viral video, when a female panelist was not being given a chance to speak during the live debate, she stood in the middle and started dancing and also started making strange faces. So that people's attention can be drawn towards him. You can see in the video as the panelist was trying to speak, the news anchor and other guest participating in the debate stopped her.

In such a situation, there was no other way left for that female guest to attract the attention of the people, so she started dancing standing in the middle of the live debate. Now at this time this video is becoming very viral on social media and people are also making funny comments on the video. Many people are calling the video the best, while many people are enjoying it.

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