Friends hit cake on girl's mouth, blood started oozing from her eyes
Friends hit cake on girl's mouth, blood started oozing from her eyes

All of you must have celebrated your birthday every year. Even if there is no birthday, something or the other happens in the lives that we cut cakes. At times, people are seen playing with the cake while cutting it, but sometimes the game becomes troublesome. As it happened in this story. You will lose consciousness after knowing this story that we are going to tell you. In this case, something happened to a woman on her birthday that left her eyesight going off. In fact, the woman's birthday cake was responsible for this.

As soon as the cake was cut on her birthday, the woman's friends grabbed her head and handed her over to the cake. During this time, there were many layers in the cake, which prevented anyone from knowing that there were wooden sticks inside the cake. As soon as the woman's mouth fell on the cake, a stick entered the woman's eyes, causing her to bleed rapidly from her eye. The woman started moaning in pain but then the woman had to be rushed to the hospital.

Here the doctors took out the wooden stick from her eyes after hard work and somehow the woman's eyesight was saved. In this regard, doctors say that she had an injury just next to the iris of the woman's eye. Due to this, his eyesight did not go away. Now if there was even a little matter here and there, then I don't know whether the woman would be able to see anything or not? Let us tell you that cake bakers nowadays use wooden sticks to support multi-layer cakes. In such a situation, some pictures related to this incident were shared on Facebook, which you can see here.

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