Woman From Tamil Nadu Get Released After Killing A Man While Defending Herself

Jul 17 2021 01:56 PM
Woman From Tamil Nadu Get Released After Killing A Man While Defending Herself

The police released a 23-year-old woman who reportedly killed a guy to protect herself from an attempted rape on the grounds that she had only acted in self-defense. According to the authorities, the woman was attempting to remove herself from the deceased's grasp when she shoved him. The man, whose name has yet to be determined, is thought to have collided with a boulder and perished instantly. Tiruvallur police cited section 100 of the IPC (right of private defense) and freed the woman on station bail after preliminary investigations revealed that she had just acted in self-defense. The police official also stated that they suspected him of being a migrant worker based on his appearance and the man had been following and stalking her.

The Police officials said that the locals reported a man was discovered dead in a fish farm in Minjur on Wednesday afternoon. A case of suspicious death was filed under Section 174 of the Criminal Procedure Code. A senior official stated that the woman resided in a small room-like structure on the land with her husband and two children. The male allegedly crept onto the farm on Wednesday  he tried to force himself on her. The woman shoved the man who was holding her from behind, causing him to slide and hit a boulder on the ground. 

The Minjur police hurried to the scene after receiving information and alerted the ambulance. The inspector, Vadivel Murugan mentioned that he had died from a concussion. They also interrogated the suspect in the neighbourhood, and they had noticed him for a couple of days in the area," said Inspector Vadivel Murugan. Residents, on the other hand, confirmed that he was not employed by any enterprise in the area.


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