Woman raped in Gwalior, chaos all around the city

Apr 12 2021 12:05 PM
Woman raped in Gwalior, chaos all around the city

Gwalior: Recently a case of crime has come out from Gwalior district of Madhya Pradesh. After a quarrel with her husband, a woman who had gone out in search of work for a one-and-a-half-year-old daughter has been raped. When the woman protested, the accused threatened to kill her by placing a knife on her child's neck. This case is being reported two days ago. This case is related to Odhpura area of ​​Janakganj. The victim has complained to the Janakganj police station. It is also reported that the police have registered an FIR against the accused and arrested him.

According to the information, a 26-year-old woman living in Bhind had a fight with her husband. She had been living in the maiden for a few days since this happened. Due to poor financial condition, she came in search of work in Gwalior. Here she had brought her one and a half-year-old daughter with her. It was here in Odhpura, a resident of Gabda Gurjar, his acquaintance and asked for a room and work on rent. Gabda assured him to get work and room in two days. After that the woman was going to find a room, so Gabda asked her to walk into her room. The woman agreed on this. She then fell asleep after having dinner the night before. At about 2 o'clock in the night, she was asleep and saw that Gabda Gurjar was flirting.

When she opposed him, the accused threatened to kill her by putting a knife on her daughter's neck. She got scared after seeing this happen. The accused then raped her and held her hostage in the room. Apart from this, the accused also threatened to kill her. After being held overnight hostage, somehow she got out in the morning and reached the police station and complained. Now the accused in this case has been arrested and sent to jail.

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