Surgery impaired woman's lips like balloons

There are many shocking reports from all over the world. Now, recently also, there has been a piece of shocking news that will make you lose your senses. In fact, the matter is said to be related to plastic surgery. In fact, through plastic surgery, people want to beautify their faces and give them a different look. This leads to such surgeries all over the world and big stars have also undergone many such surgeries. However, sometimes this surgery becomes harmful and spoils the face.

Now, something similar has happened recently. A woman underwent lip surgery in the case, but it caused a bad condition of her lips. In fact, according to a report on a famous website, the woman's name is Ruby and she shared a video on social media platform TikTok in which she shared the condition of her lips. In fact, she has also shared some pictures in the video showing her lips swollen and her cheeks swollen. At the same time, the woman also explained in the video how her lips became like this. You can see Ruby said she had undergone lip filler surgery earlier.

In fact, it gives a new look to the lips. She had found a new look, but later her mind changed and she decided to regain her real-sized lip and thought of undergoing a dissolve filler surgery for it. In fact, the advantage of dissolve filler surgery is that the lips are converted into their old shape through surgery. However, Ruby's side turned upside down, and as soon as she underwent a dissolve filler surgery, her lips swollen badly. Now her photos have been in the news on all over social sites.

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