Woman lost her hand in grenade blast, still creates history

Feb 20 2020 03:45 PM
Woman lost her hand in grenade blast, still creates history

New Delhi: Today we are going to tell you the story of a woman who has given a speech at the International Motivational Speaker, Disability Activist and Global Shaper of the World Economic Forum, Malvika Iyer at United Nations. On Tuesday, on her birthday, she shared part of that speech on Twitter and gave her views about the difficult situation of her life.

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Malvika, 30, a resident of Bikaner, Rajasthan, wrote, "When I was 13, I lost the front part of both hands in the grenade blast. The doctors made a mistake while performing the surgery, and one arm bone left out while stitching. If this part of the hand touches anywhere, I feel a lot of pain." Despite this, she saw the positive aspect in life and used this bone like a finger. She said, "I typed my entire Ph.D. thesis with this hand."

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Malvika, who has also spent her journey in Humans of Bombay, also told, "I have conquered the shock of disability by will. Her greatest strength is to find happiness in small things. '' She wrote, 'Every cloud hides a moonlight, I took inspiration from it. Now I am very excited about my website, which I have created with my very extraordinary finger.' She has also shared the link of the website. Malvika Iyer has received thousands of likes and comments on her tweet. One user wrote, 'You are an incredible personality,' another user wrote, 'Happy birthday to the real heroine, who faced the challenges of life with a smile.' This news gives inspiration to all of us. Even after losing both her hands, she has not given up much.

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