Mistress fell madly in love with servant, did this shocking work

Nowadays, many such news goes viral on social media, which is surprising. Some news surprises us and some make us smile. Now one such news is from Pakistan, which is going viral on social media at the moment. In fact, this news is about the love story of a mistress and a servant. Yes, you may not be sure, but it's true. In fact, a woman named Nazia is being discussed not only in Pakistan but also on social media all over the world. The woman recently married her servant. It is being told that Nazia has revealed this herself while giving an interview on a YouTube channel.

She talked a lot about her love story, after which this story of the woman is going viral. In fact, according to media reports, Nazia, a resident of Islamabad in Pakistan, hired a servant for household chores. The servant's name is Sufian. Nazia said in the interview that she lived alone in the house. She had no one of her own, so she was looking for a servant whom she could trust. After some time, a friend advised her to keep Sufian, so Nazia hired him. She used to give him 18,000 rupees per month.

After some time Nazia began to be influenced by Sufian's way of working and thought and gradually Nazia fell in love with Sufian. After that, one day Nazia expressed her love for Sufian and seeing this, Sufian was shocked, although he said yes. The two then married each other. Nazia said Sufian takes great care of her and lovingly calls Katrina Kaif. At the same time, Nazia calls him Salman Khan.

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