Woman molested, gang-raped, cut her hair and rolled in the street in Delhi

New Delhi: A sensational incident has come to light in the capital of the country, Delhi. Here in Vivek Vihar, a woman's hair was cut, her face was blackened and she was paraded on the road wearing a garland of shoes. The police, who arrived after the complaint of the woman's younger sister, rescued her. The police have arrested four women by registering a case of gang rape in this case.


According to the police, some people had an old enmity with the woman, due to which this heinous incident was carried out. The victim woman is married and has a child. According to the victim's sister, a boy living in the neighborhood behind the woman's house often wanted to talk to her. The boy committed suicide on 12 November. The boy's family members thought that the cause of suicide was the victim woman.

Police is probing the matter from all these angles. The woman was living on rent after the boy's suicide. The boy's uncle alleges that he was stabbed and taken to his niece. On Wednesday, at around 12 o'clock, the girl was kidnapped and brought to the girl from Karkardooma. It is alleged that after raping her, she cut all her hair, put her soot on her face and wore a garland of shoes and walked in the street.

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